Jeff Lestz will be joining us at !Audacious Church on the weekend of the 12th and 13th October 2013 for a time of inspiration and impartation on Biblical economics and how this can impact your life for the better.

On Saturday 12th October Jeff will be leading a Brotherhood men’s Breakfast – at 9am
Ticket’s are £5 and are available to buy at the bottom of the page.

Jeff will also be staying with us all day on Sunday 13th October and preaching at our 10.30am and 5.30pm services.

Jeff Lestz Biography

Jeff has an inspiring story of rags to riches.
He was an orphan at the age of 7, homeless and living on the streets of Chicago as a teenager. His life changed at age 15 when he met a mentor and went on to become a millionaire by the age of 31. Buckle up and brace yourself for some life changing, mind altering, motive challenging, and goal setting teachings that will raise your financial perspective to a higher level. Jeff will also show you some ways to generate extra income to fund your goals and dreams.

Jeffrey Lestz grew up in Chicago Illinois USA in a jewish family.
He was orphaned at age 7 and spent time in orphanages and foster homes.
At 12 years old he ran away and lived on the streets of Chicago. Troubled and alone his life dramatically turned around when at 15 he met Jesus as his Messiah. Jeff had a couple of mentors that took him under their wings and as he began to study the old and New Testament Jeff began to uncover truths from ancient Jewish wisdom and discovered how to tap into God’s covenantal promises of blessings. Whilst Jeff was on this journey to uncover the ‘mysteries of money ‘ he made a promise that if he ever got hold of these truths he would dedicate his life to teaching others the same principles.
Jeff has built successful businesses in the USA and UK and is the CO-CEO of Genistar Ltd. – A London based financial education and financial services firm.
Their mission is to help families become debt free and financially independent. Jeff has also been involved in assisting Pastors and churches to uncover both the biblical and practical keys to good financial stewardship.