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Universe is not just another worship album, it captures the energetic and passionate cry of praise from the !Audacious movement. With truth filled lyrics and soaring melodies, the explosive sound is authentic music; played by a group of worshippers desperate to see God glorified in their generation

The 11 tracks take the listener on a journey; lifting their eyes to the creator of the Universe, who knows and loves us intimately.

!Audacious’ Creative Director, Paul Garner said: “Universe the single is about finding God in the greatness of creation, which we are a part of. The bigger you go, you find God. The smaller you go, you still find God. With the album we’re extending the opportunity to look beyond what You can see and connect with the God who is greater, stronger and more awesome that we could ever imagine”.

Despite the larger than life sound of the album, many of the songs are perfect for intimate times of worship. Highlights include ‘I See Your Love’ – taking You on a journey around the wonder of the cross and ‘You Reign’ – a song that declares the truth of God’s incredible power and love.

Having celebrated 11 years recently, !Audacious Church is one of the fastest growing churches in the UK.

Universe the album will be available on all digital outlets including: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.

Over the past 12 years the !Audacious Band have written and recorded eleven albums to date.
Click the links below to find more information about the albums plus a link to buy directly at !Audacious Resources – This is the sound of the !Audacious revolution.

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