Extraordinary Life

It’s possible that you have just made the most powerful decision you’ll ever make!. Now the biggest question you must have is…what next?

We want to help you get started on your journey with God and to discover the essential ingredients that make up the life of a Christian.

Extraordinary Life is designed to help you get to know the God you have chosen to follow. It will introduce you to the Bible and show you how to pray.

It will answer some of the burning questions that you must have, and will get you connected to our church community so that you can make this incredible decision you have made really count!

It’s a 2 week course each lasting roughly 60 minutes and we can make each course revolve around YOU!. Meet us before the 12pm Sunday service or if it suits we could meet you through the week.

Bring a friend with you if you like, or one of our team can meet you there.

Week 1: 

  • What is faith in God?
  • Salvation
  • Grace
  • Why do bad thing’s happen to good people?

Week 2: 

  • The circles of belonging
  • Baptism

So if you’re new to faith, new to Church or just want a few pointers on developing your relationship with God then we’d love to see you!.

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At !Audacious Church we baptise people who have made their own personal decision to make Jesus Lord of their life. Jesus said that we should “believe AND be baptised”, as He himself was. Baptism in water is an outward expression of everything that Jesus has done on the inside of us. Every month our baptism services are packed full of guests, family members and friends, seeing first hand the difference Jesus has made in their friends lives.

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The !Audacious College

The Audacious College is a brand new partnership between !Audacious Church & Alphacrucius College, Australia.

In the college you will learn from internationally recognised lecturers, specialists in their subject area as well as connecting via placement with the leadership and staff of !Audacious Church. Taking place from September to August this is a course that will change your life.

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