Welcome to the Master of Leadership, a brand new opportunity to study in Manchester, UK born out of the relationship between !Audacious Church, UK and Alphacrucis College, AUSTRALIA.
We are excited that you are interested in developing your capacity and ability to lead. This course is delivered by Alphacrucis through 12 units over a 4 year academic period and hosted by !Audacious Church.

It is our desire that you are equipped through this course to more effectively lead the organisation you are in and also have the necessary skills to continue developing your leadership and those you lead into the future.
As in any postgraduate study there is a strong emphasis on personal study and growth. A key component of any postgraduate course is the cohort you are a part of; that the friendships developed through this learning experience will walk the leadership journey with you for a lifetime.
We know this will be richly rewarding, personally stretching and incredibly enjoyable.
We look forward to seeing you.