Today’s Prayer focus: Mental health

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.Isaiah 26:3

This verse offers not just peace, but perfect peace if we keep our mind ‘stayed on’ God.  This means to fix our mind, to train our mind to centre on God – his presence, his word and his truth.  Sounds easy right?! Our minds are constantly drawing us to focus elsewhere. It might be a past event that happened, a current event that is happening right now, or a future event that hasn’t happened – a ‘what if’ thought.  Allowing our minds to dwell on these ‘what if’ thoughts lead to anxiety and worry. The key to this verse and to helping us to find perfect peace is trust. If we can trust God with our past, our present moment and our future, we will find peace.

Our mental health and that of our friends, colleagues or family members depends on us being able to train our mind to focus on God who is trustworthy, true and all powerful.

Prayer points:

  • Thank God for those in !Audacious who found personal breakthrough in their mental health in 2018.
  • That I would be diligent about being healthy in my mind in 2019.
  • That our children, youth and young adults would see breakthrough in areas of anxiety and depression in 2019.
  • That we as a church would have increased opportunities to speak into the area of mental health in our City and Nation.
  • That !Audacious would become known as a place of healing and breakthrough for people in our community with mental health issues.