‘Ten’ is the brand new album from the !Audacious band chronicling the story of 10 years of !Audacious Conference.

Available to buy as a 4 disk set, The complete !Audacious band TEN special edition pack now includes;

Booklet – with pictures / stories and memories
Extraordinary – the brand new live album recorded at !Audacious Conference
The Journey – an album celebrating the 10 years with the stand out
track through each of the 10 years of conference
Acoustic Sessions – a mix of old favourites and brand new tracks in
the studio, with acoustic arrangements
More-dacious – a DVD showing the highlights and some of the memorable messages

Track listing:

Disc 1: The Journey

2004. Anthem
2005. Be Thou My vision
2006. Mighty
2007. Turn it up
2008. Tribe Called Praise
2008. Bounce
2009. Everything Within Me
2010. Overflow
2010. Spacious Place
2011. fire
2012. Open Heaven
2012. Bring The Praise

Disc 2: Extraordinary – Recorded Live at !Audacious Conference

1. Dance Dance
2. A Bigger dream
3. Extraordinary
4. No other name
5. Jesus my answer
6. You lift my head
7. I have decided
8. None Compares
9. My heart is in your hands
10. Anthem

Disc 3: Acoustic Sessions

1. A Bigger Dream
2. Love Amazing love
3. Jesus My Answer
4. I Have Decided
5. My Heart is in your Hands
6. We lift your Name
7. No Other name
8. All That i Need
9. You lift My Head
10. None Compares

Disc 4: More-dacious – Bonus DVD

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