Thanks for taking the time to read all about our exciting venture of faith for !Audacious Church and how you can play your part in changing the landscape of a community, city and nation.
Every single one of us can remember the moment we were first impacted by the love of God. You will probably recall where you
were when He knocked on the door of your heart, and you let Him in. You can probably visualise the room you were in, the person you were speaking with, the preacher who was speaking and even the chair that you were sat in.

Did you ever give any consideration to the chair? Probably not, but we are pretty sure that you are grateful to the people who paid for it and set it in place, just so you could sit and hear about the love of Jesus.
Chairs! They may not seem exciting on their own but what about the countless thousands of people who sit in them? Each person, in each chair, in each church meeting has a story to tell, a purpose to live for and an opportunity for encounter; to know God’s love for the first (or hundredth) time, receive a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing from Him and become a more effective follower of Jesus Christ.
“I remember where I was sat” is not really about chairs, it’s about people. But the chairs serve the purpose of reminding us of God’s goodness in our lives and create space for God to do it again for others. If you want others to be impacted with the love of God too, read on…

Having launched in Chester in February 2016, we have managed to secure a building on a long term lease arrangement (subject to
planning permission being granted), that will mean we have a permanent base in Chester. This is going to help to facilitate much
more of what is on our hearts; both in building our Sunday services as well as adding programmes through the week to serve our city.
The building will house a main auditorium with a minimum of 400 seats, where we will be able to build multiple Sunday services, as well as youth, and midweek meetings; as well as a foyer and coffee area and office space to enable us to have a presence throughout the week.
We estimate that the costs to make the building work for all we want to do in this next step will cost around £400,000. We are asking you to stand with us and sow into this amazing vision.

How will we raise this £400,000? Simple… We want you to buy a chair! Our new building will need 400 chairs. We would like you to purchase a chair (or chairs) for £1,000 each. You can do this in several ways (see “How to Give.”)

Our “I remember where I was sat” campaign will run from November 2016 until March 2019. In that 30-month period, we are believing to have raised the £400,000 for Chester. Each chair equates to only £33 per month for 30 months.
As an example of our commitment to this exciting faith venture in Chester, as well as our brand new building in Manchester, Sophia and I have committed to giving one full year’s salary to purchase chairs.
We love you, church!

The Bible teaches us that we can only please God through faith (Hebrews 11:6). Faith is never easy; it’s always a stretch from our comfort zone into something new. The key to faith, however, is simple.

It’s found by answering the question “What is God saying?” We often find that God asks us to go further than we thought we could, forgive when it seems too hard and give when it looks impossible.

Often when God speaks to us we find ourselves in a momentary wrestle with him (just like Jacob in Genesis 32).
We say “Really? How? It seems impossible!” When Jacob wrestled with God, he ended up
walking with a limp afterwards. A wrestle with God will certainly change our life, but we always live ‘more fulfilled’ when we respond to the wrestle with obedience.
So, remember “where you were sat”, and ask God what he is saying to you.
How many chairs does he want you to contribute to the vision of building our new home?


There are five things we would love you to consider:-

  • Be Radical, Not Reckless
  • Give by Faith, Not by Credit
  • Sacrifice Luxuries, Not Living
  • Pray & Prepare

As a minimum, would you purchase enough chairs for each member of your family that attends our church, PLUS one for that person who you are believing will, one day, sit in THAT very chair?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be a part of “I remember where I was sat”.

We would like to encourage you to give in the following ways:-

  • An on-the-day gift to purchase chair/s on Sunday 6th November 2016
  • Set up a monthly direct debit or standing order for 30 months commencing in December 2016. (Remember one chair is £33 per month over 30 months)
  • On the first Sunday of every month we will have a second offering for chairs, as more and more people gather to be part of the !Audacious family.

We will also have specific vision weekends in March and November 2017, March and November 2018, and March 2019 where we will focus on the vision of building our new church home, and take vision offerings for it.


Giving on Vision Sunday

Dave Sharpe, Our Chief Financial Officer, explains more about how you can give on our Vision Sunday.

Please email any questions or comments you may have about our new vision offering to:

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